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Friday, March 31st, 2023 March 31st, 2023

The day before, a group was planning on going to an adventure park and invited us along. We woke up pretty early to take a bus up north near the airport. At the park there were five activities for us to do.

The fist activity was the rope course, or ‘monkey’ as they called it. There were four different difficulty levels from easy to hard. All of the other guys started out on the hardest. I think they are super competitive!! The assumption was that the difficulty level was based on fear, but later on we were learn that it also had todo wit ]h you existing physical strength. 

They put us into harnesses and started with a basic course about how to click in and out of the system. You had so connections and at all times one had to be connected which meant you were always protected.

Anywho, when we started, I decided to go for the second easiest, blue. This turned out to be the perfect level of fear and my ability. The other guys, who started on the hardest, would all end up at lower levels. Only one guy did the 2nd hardest, most came to my level or the easiest one.

The park had cameras everywhere that took pictures of us. There was a chip in the helmet that connected back so at the end of the adventure you could purchase your photos. 

The next activity was the zip line, or ‘hawk’ as they called it. You got into a suit that connected to the bar above and zoomed down. At the end of the course, you walked back up a platform and went the opposite direction. 

After lunch we went to the whitewater rafting. This was the first time that I had done it and they put us in teams of four. It was me, Irene, Javi, and Pabilito. It was a lot of fun but short. It started with a short introduction of the commands and how to paddle.

The next part of the rafting was the drops. This was the largest of the two.

Next came the rapids and we navigated through them. No one fell out of the raft even through there was a high probability that someone would, at least according to our guide. 

Our guide did the the steering from the back of the raft which we paddled forward or backward depending on his command. 

The final activity that we did was the monster trucks. They were two person ATV like vehicles that we drove on a very rocky course. The objective here was skill over speed. We had to wait about 10 minutes to start because someone on the course had crashed and rolled. 

The bus left promptly at 5pm so there wasn’t time to do the final activity of kayaking. Overall we had a great time and it was a perfect birthday!