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In early 2006 I came across a blog called Ten Years of My Life. The concept was that the author would post a photo every day for ten years. He was a little over half way through when I came across the site.

At the time, I was interested in, and I liked the idea of capturing a photo each day as a reminder of what happened. My memory wasn't the greatest, and I felt this would help.

So in August 2006, I posted my first photo on a custom built platform. At the time Flickr was the most populate photo sharing site, but it didn't have all the functionality I wanted. Over the years many photo platforms have come and gone. By building my own platform, I was able to control how my photos are displayed and the functionality I needed.

Over a decade later my photoblog has 3000+ days with 4600+ photos. In the beginning, the photo posted may not have been one taken that day. These days, I try to have the photo for each day taken on that day. Over the last decade, I have a photo of around 80% of the days.

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