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Friday, April 17th, 2009 April 17th, 2009

On her way into work this morning Michelle hit a patch of slush and totaled her car. Her car hit a light pole on I-25, then skidded across the frontage road and rolled onto its passenger side. Michelle was hanging by her seatbelt and was able to climb out of her car through her sun roof. She saw smoke coming from under the hood and thought her car was on fire. It was probably steam coming from the radiator.

Because of the condition of the car, she was taken to Poudre Valley Hospital and released a few hours later. She has a sore neck and back but other than that is okay.

It was raining/snowing quite had as we were getting stuff out of her car at the impound lot. The mud was up to my ankles.

The back driver wheel was flung across a field.

A lot of Mud.

Michelle dropped her phone in the mud as she was getting out of her car.